Sungevity is Optimized – Ready to Grow

Ready, set GROW! That’s us here at Sungevity. We are working on optimizing our website for future growth and expansion. After all, no one wants to stagnate, right? Neither do we. Now, the question remains, “What are the next, best steps we can take to optimize the site?”

We asked some experts in the field, and we were told to concentrate on delivering value to our readers. First and foremost, that seems to be the consensus among the experts. Without value, real value in the content, nothing else will matter. We can have the best web design on the planet, but if nothing we say is going to help our readers, our site will founder and eventually just disappear altogether.

And so, that brings me to this next point: I am asking readers to please be a little patient, because creating useful and helpful content takes time. It’s not like I can just sit here and come up with something serious and timely off the top of my head (although it DOES happen on occasion, but not today!). So, thank you, in advance, for being patient with me as I plan for our next steps. I very much appreciate it!