Looking To Honeymoon In Andaman? Read On To Find Out Why.

Are you look for somewhere to go for your honeymoon? Then consider going to Andaman. Andaman is home to many stunning beaches, sparkling blue oceans, and sunny skies all year around. The weather is just right at all times during the year . Andaman honeymoon packages are budget friendly when compared to going abroad and there are many outdoor activities, as well as plenty of delicious seafood dishes worth a try. Andaman truly is one of the best places to come to for a honeymoon. If you intend to come here but not sure where to begin, we have come up with a list of Places to include in your andaman tourism package . Read on to find out more.

1. Havelock’s Gem – The Radhanagar Beach.
This stunning gem is full of charm. It is the place to come to if you enjoy watching the sunset. It boasts the whitest sand you have ever seen, and very clean water. It is a beach that is an absolute must when visiting Andaman. Probably the nicest beach in the whole place. If you love taking photographs, then you are sure to be impressed by the jaw dropping scenery it offers.

2. Havelock Island’s Turquoise Waters.
This superb island is the ideal place for activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Just about all visitors who come to this amazing place go out of their way to visit the island. If you love scuba diving, then you will want to stay at The Barefoot Scuba Resort. For under water diving, the best time to come here is between November to the middle of April.
3. Mountains Madhuban and Harriet.
Do you love to hike? Then consider hiking through the Madhuban and Harriet Mountains. The walking trail in these mountains goes for approximately sixteen kilometer’s long. You and your partner are sure to fall in love with the wonderful flora and fauna around you. The scenery along the way is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you fancy an Elephant ride, then the Elephant safari will take you through Mount Harriet’s gorgeous forest.
4. Visit The Museums.
If you are seeking an indoor activity, then make some time to visit Andaman’s museums. All of the museum’s have so much history and culture in them. You will discover a lot about our islands and city that you never knew before. The Anthropological Museum offers tours that will tell you all about the Aboriginal tribes in the area. To learn about the marine life, then pay a visit to the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum. You will be glad you went.
5. Go Seafood Tasting.
Have a love of seafood? Seafood tasting is a must when visiting Andaman. All of Andaman’s seafood is utterly divine. The restaurants to get the finest seafood dishes at include: Mandalay, Red Snapper and Lighthouse Residency. An absolute must for all seafood lovers.

6. The Chidiya Tapu.
The Chidiya Tapu is approximately twenty five kilometers from Port Blair. It is very easy to get to.
Birds are remarkable creatures. the Chidiya Tapu is a safe home for millions of different types of birds. Some of the different types of birds include: emerald doves, parakeets, sea eagles and a thousand more. A great place to visit to do a little bird watching for a couple of hours.
The Chidiya Tapu is an ideal places to witness the stunning sunsets.
These are just some of the many Places to visit on your andaman honeymoon trip. We hope we have inspired you to go ahead with visiting this great place for your honeymoon

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